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Make all Payments to Pacific Coast Volleyball

Pay to the order of Pacific Coast 

This Tuesday Pre Season Prep Clinic This Tuesday 6-8 Aug 13th.

 *Tuesday * August 13th 

Come get ready for your school team and club teams.

Middle School to High School and College.  

Tuesday 6-8 pm 

Stockton Indoor Sports

$25.00 at the door. 

William Jessup Hires Tiger Shelton As New Volleyball Coach!


One of Jessup athletics' ultimate goals is to hire the best coaches the country has to offer and we're proud to announce that Tiger Shelton will be joining the Jessup staff as our newest head volleyball coach


Thanks everyone for a great season.

Leah getting it done!!!!

Dream Team wins final Queen of the Beach Tournament. Savnnah is the Queen!!!

The team of Savannah LaBarre and Mikayah Irby "The Dream Team,"  took home the 1st place spot yet again in the final Queen of the Beach Series. This win gave Savannah enough points to take over the top spot from Bella Williams who could not participate because she was in the NCVA Beach Championships. Congratulations Savannah on a great beach season!

Champions of the Beach

The Queen

Thanks for all your help Brad!!

Thanks to all the people who made Pacific Beach so much fun!!

To all the parents who made the trip to UOP at 7 AM and to the players you make it all happen. 

To: Brad Friesen and Maycie La Bass,  Beach Coordinators  

Bank of Stockton for your support

University of the Pacific and Sydney Shelton for your help and support. 

It takes a village and we have a great villiage at Pacific Coast Volleyball. Thanks see you indoor and have a great school season. 


Pacific Coast Volleyball Goes to Europe!

Hallie Wunsch, Chloree Baptist and Lauren Toon from Tigers 17s team and Mallory Pazin and Cierra Verdone from Joes 18s team  teamed up with players from Pittsburg PA and Chigago Ill. to compete against teams from around the world in the Global Challenge in Pula Croatia. The team spent some time training and sightseeing in Prague, CZ, Maribor, Slovenia, Vienna Austria, Pula Croatia and Venice Italy. Great Job Girls!

With our new friend from Slovenia

Closing Ceremonies

John Lennon wall in Prague


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We would like to say thank you to all the players and parents on Joes 18s team. We are very proud of you and look forward to watching you all kill it in college. Come back when ever you can. Our gym is your gym.

2019 PACIFIC COAST 18s DONE! 100%

Emily Vander Weide          Cal State San Marcos
Shkhinah  Tindlsey            University of Utah
Cameron Gray                  Boise State University
Devon Rose                       Stanaslaus State 
Cassie Corbett                  Stanaslaus State 
Mallory Pazin                    Queens College NC                       
Tori Galloway                    Cal State LA
Cierra Verdone                  Calbrillio College
Jaida Ward                        West Valley College
Emma Hirschkorn              Chico State 
Vanna Marquez                  Dominican