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About Us

"Our players are not here to help us build up our club and make it great....
WE are HERE to BUILD UP OUR PLAYERS and make THEM GREAT!" - Tiger Shelton
It all started about twenty years ago, when Tiger attended a coaching clinic ran by USA Volleyball and legendary coach and pioneer of the sport, Jim Coleman.  The emphasis was on critical thinking of blocking. Jim asked the questions, “Has everything in volleyball been thought of or is there more? Can we do it better?” That day changed the way he thought about coaching. From that moment on, he has continually challenged his coaching with that question, “Can we do it better?”
About ten years ago Tiger had the pleasure of coaching with Brad Friesen. He and Brad were on the same page regarding what they thought would be good foundations for a club. Brad was coaching a very talented team that year, winning the Davis Festival 18's division (the largest tournament in the nation with over 10.000 players) and then 3 days later taking the bronze medal at the National Championships in the 17s open. His setter… Katie Goldhahn.
Katie went on to Stanford and was a Cardinal from 2002-2006. After graduation, Katie started her coaching career, coaching at the college, club and high school level. Katie, Brad and Tiger have remained close for many years. They believe there are certain principals that make a club, and its players, successful. They have come to the conclusion that they need to put their ideas, goals and dreams together and make Pacific Coast Volleyball Club a reality.
The Ideas:
  • Develop a club that works for the athlete and the family.
  • Develop a club that is professional in every way.
  • Never put a team together without a highly qualified coaching staff. 
  • Quality over Quantity.
  • Develop a club that works with the local high schools and the community.
The Goals:
  • Honesty and integrity always.
  • Innovation
  • Critical thinking (outside the box)
  • High Tech
The Dream:
Pacific Coast’s dream is to take volleyball in a new and fresh direction. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel but we do want to think critically, is there more? Can we do this better?  Our answer is YES! We will continually ask the best and brightest minds in our sport to help us achieve this dream. We will integrate as much high tech equipment as possible to help our student athletes achieve the highest possible exposure and to better their skills. We will listen to our clients. And we will do it as a family. This is our dream… let us help you achieve yours.
Pacific Coast Volleyball Club Mission Statement
Pacific Coast Volleyball Club will always strive to provide the best qualified and most professional coaching staff for players of all skill levels.
Pacific Coast Volleyball Club will utilize technology and available resources to enhance training and skill development. 
Pacific Coast Volleyball Club will always demonstrate leadership, promote good sportsmanship and encourage teamwork.
Pacific Coast Volleyball Club will work with our communities and local schools to create opportunities for our student athletes to achieve personal excellence.
We have coaches with high performance, collegiate, national and Olympic level playing and coaching experience! Come to PCVC to get this level of coaching and leadership! It's not just about what is on the court though - it is also about the individual player. Our coaches know this and demonstrate it through the individualized attention given to each player!
We would be honored to coach you...come join the dream...come join the revolution!