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PaCIFIC COAST 14 Michele S

Date Tournament Location Division
January 19-20 California Kickoff San Jose 14
February 2-3 Power League Qualifier San Mateo 14
February 16-18 Presidents Day Tournament Bay Area 14
February 24 Power League #1 TBA 14
March 17 Power League #2 TBA 14
March 30 Power League #3 TBA 14
April 13- 15 Far Westerns Qualifier Reno Nv 14 Open
April 19-21 Northern Lights Qualifier Indianapolis 14 Open
May 11-12 Power League Finals Reno Nv 14
June 26- July 6 GJNC Nationals Indianapolis IN 14


Qualifiers have what is called a 'Stay to Play' or  'Stay and Play' Policy.  What this means is that we are required to book a minimum number of rooms in order to participate in each respective tournament.  In order to be fair and equitable, PCVC has adopted this rule to extend to ALL players and parents. Booking a room (or not) and then cancelling to book at another hotel (that is not approved) can and has resulted in a team being eliminated from the tournament.  Please know that this then affects everyone and can lead to a  team and/or a player not able to participate. Our Stay and Play Coordinator works hard to obtain blocks of rooms at hotels to simplify the process.  However, if you do not book within that block, you must ensure that our team code/name is linked to your reservation so that our club is credited and that the reservation details are communicated with our Stay and Play Coordinator.  If you have any questions regarding  this policy you may contact us or Linda ByerStay and Play Coordinator, at  We appreciate your understanding and adherence to this policy.