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So you want to play Club Volleyball...

Part Of Our Mission And Commitment

Pacific Coast Volleyball Club will always strive to provide the best qualified and most professional coaching staff for players of all skill levels. 
We have coaches with High Performance, Collegiate, National and Olympic level playing and coaching experience!  Come to PCVC to get this level of coaching and leadership! It's not just about what is on the court, though - it is also about the individual player - our coaches know this and demonstrate it through the individualized attention given to each player! 
"Our players are not here to help us build up our club and make it great....
WE are HERE to BUILD UP OUR PLAYERS and make THEM GREAT!" - Tiger Shelton
We would be honored to coach you....Come join the Dream....Come join the Revolution!


Hello, my name is Tiger Shelton and I am the Director and one of the Co-Founders at Pacific Coast Volleyball. I will be entering my 39th year of coaching. I have coached at many levels and at many age groups, including club, high school and the college level.  I have also had the privilege of coaching in many places around the world. Our goal at Pacific Coast Volleyball is to help your player reach their goals...not for them to help us reach ours. That being said, we want to help you understand what club volleyball is and what it is not. We would love every player to play at Pacific Coast, but we understand that is not going to we would like to make it easier for you as a parent to understand what you are paying for and what you should expect to get for your money.

Why do we play club volleyball?

Club is about winning and losing, right? Yes...but not in the way we typically think. Yes, we like to win. However, a gold medal does not always mean you are winning. Why you play has a lot to do with everything. If you are playing because you want to play in college and you are winning in low-level tournaments, you are not getting the challenge you need to get better and you are not getting the exposure to college coaches that you need. You may have won the battle and lost the war. There are a million reasons that I have heard over the years. I had a player that played for me for two years. Her father came up to me before tryouts, knowing his daughter was not at the same level any longer. I asked him if he really wanted to pay all this money knowing this and his response was ..."yes, it's cheaper than rehab." He just wanted his child to be part of a program that had good morals, good kids and helped her to stay fit. That kid just graduated and is still great friends with most of the kids she played with. There are kids who want to play just to have fun with their friends and there are kids who are gifted and want to play at the next level. Whatever the level is, from middle school ball to D1 college.

  • Playing because it's fun is the #1 reason kids play sports
  • Playing because you want to be with your friends
  • Playing because you want to stay fit
  • Playing because your high school says you have to play to be on the team
  • Playing because you think you might be good enough to play college
  • Playing because you are good enough and will play in college

There are many more reasons. However, these are a few of the main reasons and all of them are good reasons to play - there is a club that fits each one of them. Playing club at the right club could make your experience very enjoyable. Playing at the wrong club could make you hate the sport altogether. 

Players looking for a new sport, wanting to have a little fun, exploring whether or not you like volleyball or to play with your friends...there are developmental clubs that stay in the area and don't travel as much. This helps keep the cost of the club down and being local and not as intense helps kids play and do other things, like play other sports, plays, dances, and other extracurricular activities. There are clubs that are formed just for kids in their own high schools, for their high school. Then there are the competitive programs that are looking to be at the top and there are pros and cons to these types of programs.


  • It is the best avenue to college opportunities
  • It should be very high-level volleyball that will increase your ability to play at a high level
  • Coaching levels should be much higher
  • Exposure to college coaches is greater at the higher levels
  • Travel


  • Time
  • Money
  • Commitment
  • Travel
  • Intensity Level

There are many more pros and cons, these are just some of the bigger issues.

Ok, what is this really about?

I have been trying to educate parents regarding club volleyball for many years and for many years, I have not been able to get my point across. I thought maybe if you read it, rather than hear me talk about it, maybe it just might make more sense.

Like I said previously, there are many reasons to play this amazing sport. I believe you need to figure out a few things and then react based on what is best for your child and your family.

  1. What is your main reason for playing volleyball?
    • You would like them to play and learn the game
    • You would like to play with friends
    • You would like to get better for high school
    • You have the potential to become very good and would like to explore college possibilities
    • You are college material and need opportunity. Training, competition and direction
  2. I have my reason, now what?
  • Play and learn the game: There are many clubs in our area that cater to this. However, you need to understand the bigger and more advanced clubs may have lower level teams that fit your needs, but they will cost you more. Coaches, facilities, uniforms, travel...big clubs do big things and they cost. If cost is not a factor, then choose the club that works best for you. If money is a factor, lower level clubs are usually less expensive and there are good coaches everywhere. Find something that fits your family and enjoy watching your kid play a game they love.
  • Would like to play with friends: playing with friends can be a little tricky sometimes. Depending on what level the friends are at. If your kid is playing with a player that has been playing club volleyball for awhile, you may need to figure out how to get your child to clinics, camps and private lessons to help get her to a level that is close to the friends she has. If her friends are playing at a high level, you may be able to make a team at a club but not the team that has all the friends. However, if the friends are at a lower level club, that should help. Enjoy watching your kid play.
  • Would like to get better for high school: Any club team will work. High school teams learned a long time ago that the more you play, the better you get. That is a true statement. If a player is not touching the ball from the end of their season to the beginning of the next and another is playing six months of club ball, it is not hard to see who will get better. So high school coaches are pushing all their players to play club. Any club will do and I would also recommend that if you don't do club, clinics, private lessons and summer camps are very good alternatives.
  • You have potential and are exploring college possibilities: Ok, this is where things get crazy. Not all clubs are created equal. This is the level where you are looking to make volleyball your college sport. There are three major points that you really need to consider when making a club decision.
    1. Where is the best coaching I can get
    2. Does this club play in the open division
    3. Exposure
  • Please do your homework. This is a huge investment and can pay off if you pay attention to a few things. Getting a good evaluation is very important - let's face it mom and dad, the best volleyball player in the world is your kid. So getting someone you trust and who is knowledgeable to work with your kid is a great start.
  • Best coaching - there are many good clubs and many good coaches. However, there are not a lot of good coaches at one club (usually). The club may be run by a great coach, but that doesn't mean you will be coached by that coach. Do your homework and don't just go by "we have the best coaches." Ask questions like Why? Why are these coaches considered the best? Players don't always make the best coaches. They may know the game, but that is just part of coaching. At this level, it is extremely important that you get good coaching if playing at the next level is what you are trying to do.
  • Does this club play open level ball? This is a major issue. Clubs tell parents all the time that they can get you into college. If your child is not playing in the open level at qualifiers, the big travel tournaments, then your odds drop drastically. Open level tournaments are invaluable. It's where the best teams play. It's where the college coaches sit down and watch and it's where you get better. Iron sharpens iron. You get better playing better players. Oh, and guess what? Most, if not all, college coaches don't really care if you win, they care about you getting better and how you did playing against that kid going to UCLA or Stanford. Are there college coaches at the other levels? Yes, however the best way to put it is...the difference between the open and the other levels is that the coaches walk through the other levels and they sit down and watch at the open. They may be there to watch someone else, but if you are killing it...they notice you too. If you have players on your club team that have the potential to play college ball and they have chosen to play down in competition to get a bid to Nationals, they are NOT helping you, they are helping their club look good. Playing down so you can win is not the direction you need to go if college is where you want to end up. Playing the American level so you can get a bid in a lower tournament with lower teams does not help you become a college volleyball player.
  • Exposure: Exposure is a must. Going to two, three or even four qualifiers is not unusual. Traveling is a very important part of the game and the recruiting process. Going to tournaments in other parts of the USA puts you in front of many more coaches. Playing in the open and having a club that works for you is a big plus. Club directors or recruiting specialists and your coaches are the best way to get information to colleges you may be interested in. Your club should be working with college coaches as soon as possible. Players who are considering playing in college really need to start working on it at age 15.

I hope this helps

Deciding to play club volleyball is a big decision for you, your family and your student-athlete. I have seen so many players not achieve what they wanted to achieve out of their opportunities in club. Get started by having a great time watching your kid grow up. Smile a lot. Be there when they need a soft place to land. Cheer and yell and have fun with the program you are in and the families and friends you will make. Moms and dads tell me all the time "I'm so glad it's over and this is my last one (tournament)" and they they very quickly tell me how much they miss it. You and your child will make lifelong friends or maybe it's a way to keep your child busy and out of the house, exercising. Whatever the case, enjoy this time while you really goes by fast.